Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


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Al Dhikr Academy is an International platform for learning Quran related subjects and Islamic Studies with a special focus on the memorization of the Holy Quran. Academy continuously researches for bettering the ways and adopts innovative methods for learning the Quran effectively.

Being an International online Academy, Al Dhikr is very keen to uphold its quality standards. The quality is obvious in the teaching standards, curriculum and students. 

👉 English Curriculum
👉 No Nationality bars
👉 Affordable Fees
👉 Faculty with International experience
👉 Continuous Online Support
👉 Scholarships for deserved
👉 Service of lady Ustadha and faculty

Yes. Academy admission window is always open for those seeking knowledge in Quran and Islamic studies. We provide admssions for batches on a regular basis.

We do offer all our courses for a very affordable fee and also provide scholarships for the deserved.

Academy provides special courses for adults and also separate courses exclusively for ladies envisioning the empowerment of the women class and the old aged specifically.

We provide weekly live sessions through our Zoom official platform and also daily online support through WhatsApp. The classes are based on our specially designed well-researched syllabus comprising of Audio-visual enriched study materials, books in PDF format, special notes prepared by the faculty and 24X7 online support.

Al Dhikr Academy is an international online platform. We operate globally providing services for students from all parts of the world. Our students are mainly from the GCC countries, India, Srilanka, USA and UK. We have a base in Kerala, India and in Muscat, Oman.

Al Dhikr is an entirely independent entity providing Islamic education for the muslim ummah without having any affiliation to any organization or any country specifically.