Adnan Husain Kavil

Quirat – Special training from Doha, Qatar

BSc (Bachelor of Psychology) from University of Calicut

Diploma in Communication from MediaOne Academy, Calicut

Maqasid Al Shari’a from Al Jamia Al Islamiya, Kerala

Diploma in Sound Engineering & Production, Trivandrum, Kerala

Digital Marketing & Profile building from META – Online

Life Story

Fascinated by the aura of Quranic soundscapes, He started imitating recitation styles of different imams since a very young age. After pursuing his early religious education from Al ‘Madrasa Al Islamiya’, Doha-Qatar, he has been leading prayers in different mosques and experimenting with various styles of recitation during this time. Aiming to perfect the
technical aspects of manipulating sounds, Adnan completed a Diploma in Sound Engineering and Production from Trivandrum and a PG Diploma in Visual Communication from ‘MediaoneTV’. He also completed some prominent certificate courses such as ‘Maqasid al Sharia’ from ‘Al Jamia Al Islamiya’ and Online Marketing course from ‘META’.Being a singer and student of Islamic genres within modern music and some strands of traditional nasheeds, He began grabbing attention in the virtual world through digital platforms. He has led prayers across the state and even abroad.He worked as a resource person and an editor at ‘Carrot creations’ and ‘Inwords’ previously and is currently working as a Media Marketing Executive at Muscat, Oman in a ‘Al Haditha Petroleum Company’. Adnan has been part of Al Dhikr Academy since it’s inception and is currently teaching and administrating in the Academy.