Abdu Rahman Aboo Lutfi
Hafiz | Asst. Director

18+ years in training Hifz

Hifz: Madrasa Tahfeezil Quran, Tirurkad, India (at the age of 14)

Islamic Studies: Completed Alami Course from Ilahiya College, Tirurakad, India

BA: Bachelors of English Language and Literature from Calicut University, India 2005

Life Story

Memorized the holy Quran at a young age, Abdu Rahman Aboo Lutfi completed his Islamic Education from Ilahiya College, Tirurukad, India. He also serves as an ‘Imam; and ‘Khateeb’ of masjids in different parts of Kerala, India.
Aboo Lutfi has served as a trainer and headed the section for various Quran memorizing Institutions in Kerala and a lot of Hafizs are there under his credit.